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Total system solutions

Sharetree is a market leading UK supplier of Thermal Test equipment to all branches of industry, including major electronic and electrical, contract manufacture, automotive and telecommunications companies.

We use our extensive industry expertise to design, build and support standard and customised Thermal Test Systems for the Design/Evaluation and Production testing of a wide range of products.

Sharetree specialise in providing complete engineering solutions. We have in-house capabilities covering all system requirements, ranging from thermal engineering to electronics and software.

Peace of mind

Our systems are designed to be flexible and future proof, wherever possible, to protect your investment as product changes take place. Our extensive experience is your guarantee of obtaining the best solution to your requirement.

We appreciate the difficulty and risks involved in specifying equipment, especially for those doing so for the first time. Our specialist engineers will analyse your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs. Because we offer a full range of systems we are not committed to limited and possibly inappropriate solutions. Purchasing a total solution from a single source avoids the risk of conflicts between separate suppliers and the need for you to coordinate them.

Should our standard products be unsuitable for your needs we will modify them for you, or offer a fully customised design.

Competitor Products

Sharetree can offer accessories such as Burn-in Boards and Test Trays for all makes of system. Our extensive experience of designing similar products for our own systems means that we fully understand the technical issues, and we are therefore able to offer a reliable and cost effective alternative source.

Sharetree also have wide experience of the design and manufacture of reliable Product Interface Jigs for functional testing, Burn-in, Life Test or Stress Screening purposes. We have a variety of proven designs for Automotive assemblies, Optoelectronics, etc. that can be adapted to your specific product.

We can provide service support and upgrades for test chambers from most manufacturers.