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Special Applications

Sharetree specialise in product reliability improvement technology and offer custom solutions wherever our standard products are deemed unsuitable. Sharetree have the knowledge and experience to discuss and understand your requirements, and to recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solution, whether this is a simple test chamber, humidity test chambers or a complex computer controlled system.Humidity Test Chambers

Techniques such as temperature, humidity, and thermal cycling (including leading-edge HALT and HASS techniques) can be applied to most electronic, electrical or mechanical components and assemblies.  Product weaknesses due to design flaws, tolerance build-up, component defects and manufacturing process problems can then be detected and eliminated in humidity test chambers before reaching the customer. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, lower re-work and warranty costs, and repeat business.

Should there be any doubt as to the benefits on your particular product, our rental services enable the benefits to be evaluated before investing in in-house facilities.