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Custom Chambers & Systems

Sharetree specialises in providing complete engineering solutions from its comprehensive in-house manufacturing facility. Solutions are available for all system requirements from thermal engineering to electronics and software. 

We understand the difficulty and risk involved when specifying equipment, especially when doing so for the first time. Our specialist engineers are here to help, and will provide you with expert assistance to ensure you find the best solutions for your needs. Because we offer a full range of systems we are not constrained or limited to offer inappropriate solutions. To find out more about in-house capabilities, please look at our Support pages.

We are fully experienced in:

  • Test Rigs

Most products require a functionality test, often while being subjected to environmental tests. By drawing on our expertise in thermal, mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering, Sharetree can design and build Test Rigs to your exact requirements.

  • Design and Build

Sharetree’s wide range of expertise and intimate product knowledge are available to customers on a contract basis. Where appropriate, these services include the construction and evaluation of prototypes, and full project management.

The company provides a wide range of engineering skills that are available to support customer projects. Computer aided design (CAD) covers mechanical, thermal, electrical, electronic, software design, and project management. 

Design services can include prototype manufacture and evaluation. Contract manufacturing services include materials procurement, sheet metal fabrication, machining, mechanical assembly, wiring, and PCB assembly, followed by a full functional test if required.

  • Test Automation

Adding computer control and monitoring can significantly improve many existing manual systems. Modern computers and software provide a relatively low-cost method of automating test sequences and the measurement, recording and analysis of test data. Automation reduces operator involvement leading to lower labour costs, improved accuracy and consistency of data collection.

Sharetree has extensive experience of applying automation techniques to Life Test, Burn-in and Stress Screening systems. This experience can also be applied to custom-engineered projects in many other fields.

  • Computer Control and Monitoring

Computer control and monitoring are used on many of our Life Test, Burn-in and Stress Screening systems, to simplify the operator interface. This enables training requirements to be reduced and releases highly trained engineers for more important tasks.

Test sequences and operating limits can be pre-programmed and password protected by skilled engineering staff. Programmes can be protected for routine use and results can be automatically logged and made available over local networks for remote access and trend analysis.

Software is normally based on field proven routines, and is extensively tested to ensure reliable operation under all anticipated operating conditions before release.

  • Design and Manufacture of hardware accessories for Competitor Products

Sharetree can offer accessories such as Burn-in Boards and Test Trays for any make of system. Our extensive experience of designing similar products for our own systems and many others means that we fully understand the technical issues, and are able to offer reliable and cost effective alternatives.

Sharetree also has vast experience in the design and manufacture of reliable Product Interface Jigs for functional testing, Burn-in, Life Test or Stress Screening purposes. We have a variety of proven designs for Automotive assemblies, Optoelectronics, etc. that can be adapted for your specific product.

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