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Sharetree products cover many applications requiring a controlled thermal environment. These include:

  • General purpose Test Chambers for fixed and cyclic testing under temperature and temperature/humidity conditions.
  • Fast temperature cycling for Thermal Stress and HALT/HASS testing.
  • Chambers specifically designed for our Burn-in and Life-Test systems.
  • Customised chambers or complete specials where standard chambers are unsuitable.

Application areas include:

  • Product development testing to ensure new  or modified products meet their design specification. This can include Life-Testing and highly accelerated Life Testing (HALT).
  • Production testing to ensure that manufacturing faults are identified and eliminated. This includes "soak" testing, Burn-in, Stress-Screening and highly accelerated stress-screening (HASS).
  • Environmental Testing aims to simulate the end-use environment (e.g. Dry desert or jungle, etc.)